Muse: The brainwave reading neuroheadset from InteraXon [Video]

Developed by InteraXon, a Canadian based company, the Muse is a brand new brain wave reading neuro-headset and a sexy one at that. Currently in the concept phase the Muse has recently launched on the crowd funding website Indigo and is set for public release spring 2013, if you fancy your name in the credits of the first application you can contribute here.

Since 2007 InterXon and has been a leading figure in thought-controlled computing, with Areil Garton the CEO becoming synonymous with the brain-computer interface market. InterXon’s most publicised event to date being the illumination of landmarks at the 2010 Vancouver winter olympics, where visitors could don a neuro-headset and control a light show by focusing or relaxing their minds.

Ariel Garton

Like existing neuroheadsets such as Emotiv’s Epoc or NeuroSky’s MindWave and MindWave Mobile, the Muse has sensors in the headband positioned on the forehead and ears that monitor brain activity. The Muse is like a heart rate monitor for the brain, electrical signals are collected in real-time from the brain using four medical grade electroencephalography (EEG) sensors imbedded within the flexible headband, once synced with a downloadable app just like you would a mobile phone, the user can track and improve their mental health and agility through the monitoring of mood and focus levels.

The benefits from this type of brain training are far-reaching because the brain is the control system for the whole body. It’s not just the cognitive benefits but also the physiological and psychological benefits that come with neurofeedback training. At the outset I was told that neurofeedback training as an alternative therapy was only for people with ADD, ADHD and associated mental and stress disorders, I quickly realised this is simply not the case and training your state of mind through the direct measurement of your brainwaves can be beneficial for any human being in any given situation.

The alternative therapy market and technologies for wellness and lifestyle monitoring are developing rapidly, we’ve already seen products such as Nike’s Fuel band amongst others and of course there are now several B-CI manufacturers. In the UK interest in these areas from the national press has really started to gain momentum in the last 6 months and the next 6 months should be really interesting.

Read the full indigo article.

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